About Us

About us
There are quite a few reasons why most people don’t protect themselves against the sun. To list a few, it is inconvenient to always carry a bottle of sunscreen with you and therefore most people don’t bother. Another problem is that most people simply forget to put sunscreen on. They only remember once the sun has already gotten the better of them, at which point, of course, it is already too late. And furthermore, Sunscreen has become expensive and you don’t always want to buy an entire bottle when you only want enough for one application.

If you’re like us, you and your sunscreen bottle just can’t seem to manage to be in the same place at the same time. The result: You get burned a nice and toasty red by the sun’s very dangerous UV rays and, like us, you eventually end up with lots of half full bottles of expired sunscreen gathering dust in one of your cupboards at home. Not very clever.

Our founder, being a sailing and power boat enthusiast, experienced these same challenges. And he would always get into trouble at home after a sunscreen-less day of fun in the sun left him looking like a freshly boiled lobster. We’re sure many people face the same challenges. Now, we have the solution.

Our factory

  • ISO 22716 Certified, the highest available for a cosmetic manufacturer.
  • Member of the CFTA (Cosmetic and Toiletry Association of South Africa) the regulating body of South Africa.
  • Our factory has the capacity to create millions of sachets/packets every month.
  • Situated in Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa.
  • Just 45 minutes from Cape Town Port.

The Solution is actually quite simple
You need to be able to carry sunscreen with you in a convenient manner, with just enough cream for a single application.

Thus the birth of our EezySun® Sunscreen Snap Sachets/ Packets.

EezySun® Sunscreen Snap Sachets/ Packets are about the size of a credit card and contains enough cream to cover your face, arms, neck and legs. You can buy one EezySun® Sunscreen Snap Sachet/ Packet at a time, which means you will only buy what you need.

It’s very easy to open. You simply bend the EezySun® Sunscreen Snap Sachet/ Packet inward using your fingers until the EezySun® Sunscreen Snap Sachet/ Packet snaps. A little hole will open up on the bend allowing you to easily squeeze the sunscreen out.

Aside from the very practical and convenient sunscreen packaging method that our EezySun® Snap Sachets/ Packets are, they are also the most hygienic choice, in that you don’t have the risk of cross over contamination like you would with a bottle, simply because you alone will be handling your EezySun® Sunscreen Snap Sachet/ Packet.

Bottled Sunscreen has been used for decades. It’s all we used to know. Now, with the convenience of EezySun® Sunscreen Snap Sachets/ Packets, we aim to change the way the world looks at sun protection in their daily lives.

Our Vision
EezySun® Sunscreen aims to provide people around the world with a convenient and practical way to protect themselves against the harmful UV rays of the sun. We want to change the myth that sun protection is only relevant during summer and to create global awareness that we are all exposed to harmful UV rays every day of the year, every time we step outside.